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Aston Martin V8


What Car: 1978 Aston Martin V8

The Lowdown:

In a market where DB models command bank account busting prices the Aston Martin V8 is a genuine alternative. Built to last, goes like stink and wears the same coveted badge but can be bought at a more affordable price it makes a great case for itself. So it’s an absolute pleasure to be given the chance to restore this 1978 V8 back to its former glory.


The plan for this particular Aston is take it back to its original factory look. We will start by removing the existing paint and any rot that we discover, prep the body and then re paint the car in its original silver colour that it would have rolled out the factory in.

The plan:

Bodywork: Remove paint, remove any corrosion, prep body and coat in original silver coloured paint
Extras: New rubbers, replace any warn or tired trim.
The strip down begins with the removal of the windows and trim
Al has started to rub down the old paint and fix any dents and rot on the shell. Luckily as the shell is made from Aluminium there is next to no rot.
With the Astons Shell rubbed down and the rot removed it has been wheeled into the booth for a coating of spray putty.
With the Astons Shell coated in spray putty it was rubbed down once more and then wheeled back into the spray both where it got a final coating of paint in the same colour it would have rolled out the factory in .
We have started to put the Aston back together, with the glass, lights, handles and trim now being cleaned up and fitted back on the car.
The grill, side windows, trim and badges have all been fitted.
The whole car is now back together and has been flat and polished. A new windscreen has also been fitted and just gives the front end a fresh new look.
The car was then wheeled out into the sun to see it in all its glory.
With it all completed we headed out to do the finished photo shoot. For more shots head over to our project page here

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