New Coat For Work Horse

VW Transporter Panel Van


What Car: 2003 VW Transporter Panel Van

Under the bonnet: 2461 cc diesel

The Lowdown:

The VW transporter has been around in different guises since the 1950s. Loved by surfers and tradespeople alike, it has evolved into a highly competent and versatile vehicle, equally happy on the beach as it is on a building site. The latter is where this particular Transporter had seen most of its working days however with Paul the owner living close to the beach too, it had taken a bit of a battering over the years and was in desperate need of a refresh. So Paul booked it in with us for a light restoration to get rid of the dents and rust spots that were now showing on the bodywork and finish it off with a fresh coat of paint in its original factory blue colour.
Do you have a T4/T5 that needs restoring?
Prices start at £4000 + VAT for a full respray, please contact for more details.

The plan:

Bodywork:   Repair corrosion and dents, prep and paint in chosen blue colour.
Al has treated the shell with rust treatment and any dents have been filled in, rubbed down and smoothed out.
Al then prepped the shell ready for primer, giving it a good rub down with light sand paper
Next up Al and Jay masked up the Transporter ready for a coat of primer
With the transporter primered up, Al set to work rubbing down the shell making sure it is flat ready for paint. Being a panel van it is quite unforgiving and will show any imperfection, so the preparation work prior to paint has to be on point, but is that ever in doubt when you have big Al on the case?
Al has replaced the rotten sill with new metal,  filled in the dents on the bonnet and has prepped the bonnet, trim and bumpers ready for primer.
The transporter has been in the both and has now been coated in its original colour and it is looking shiny! Al has also flat and polished it to a better than factory finish. This has to be the cleanest Transporter around!
We have also bought in and fitted new front and rear windows as a bit of an added extra for Paul as he is not expecting it! But it really does finish the van off!
The bumpers, lights, trim and badges have been fitted and the Transporter is ready to hand back to Paul the owner. Not before getting a few finished shots. I have to say it is looking better than new, it’s great to breath new life into these work horses.
Do you have a T4/T5 that needs restoring?
Prices start at £4000 + VAT for a full respray, please contact for more details.

10 replies on “New Coat For Work Horse

  • Phil Watterson

    Hi I have the exact same van in similar condition I’m looking to have the bodywork restored, I appreciate an inspection will be required for a quote but could you give me some Idea of cost for the work you did on the van pictured?

    • Pete Jones

      Hi Phil, thanks for getting in touch. Would be happy to quote on this, we have tried emailing you but our emails are not going through to your email address for some reason, if you could give us a call on 01903 810055 then we can discuss it further.

        • Pete Jones

          Hi Chris, thanks for getting in touch. Would be happy to quote on this, Alex from our Bodyshop will be in touch to provide a quote.

  • Philip

    My t4 needs everything doing including engine do you do all? Locks,door slider bottom,two tail lights covers,exhaust, new alloys, seals everywhere proper respray, clean and protect underneath,as far as iam aware shouldn’t need welding but have couple holes in rear floor (manufactured) that may need plugging,sealing, many thanks

  • Trevor West

    HI Guys, we have a T4(51 plate) which we have owned from new. Looking for restoration and respray, exactly the same blue as the one above. Would it be possible for an estimate?

  • Mike Summerfield

    Hi guys,
    Great job.
    My van is in a similar condition.
    Would appreciate a call to discuss the options.

  • James Waterman

    Nice work!
    I have a 2003 van like this one that needs some help getting back to like new.
    Indian Blue too, but has a solid tailgate.
    Could you discuss options with me and provide a quote please.

  • Pete

    I have a T4 in similar condition.
    can i bring it down for you to inspect and quote please.


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