A clean brake

Ranger Rover

Brake restoration

What Car: Ranger Rover Supercharged

The Lowdown:

This Supercharged Range Rover came in for our full brake restoration service to freshen up its now tired looking components. Keith “the Chief” had the pleasure of working on this beast to make the brakes look better than new. He started by stripping off the components and degreased them.

The plan:

Hubs : Sandblasted and coated in grey primer
Calipers: Shot blasted and painted in red
Keith then used our in-house shot blast machine to remove all the dirt and rot. The calipers then went over to our body shop for a coating of red high temp paint while the hub was sprayed in grey primer just to tidy it up. Everything was then re assembled before a brake bleed and a road test.

And the results…..


3 replies on “A clean brake

  • Connor Barnard

    Hi I’ve got an Audi rs4 avant, it’s got closed callipers on the front axle which are currently painted gloss black with the rs logo. However, I would like the brake callipers to be changed to orange but again with the rs logo, on the rear axle is open callipers which are unpainted I would also like these to be painted orange.
    Can you give me a quote on how much this would be to do and when you would be able to fit me in, thanks

  • Dan Nolan


    I wanted to enquire about a calliper refurbishment on a 991 C2.
    The callipers are in good working condition but they look a bit tired abs could do with a respray with new decals etc.
    I’ve noticed you work with Porsche and have done brake refurbishments, is this something you would do?
    If, so please could I get a quote?

    Happy to leave the car with you for the time period.

    Thanks, Dan,

  • Darren Slade

    Hi, could you possibly get in touch regarding refurbishing a brake caliper please my number is (07342) 963124


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