BBC Three Gassed Up Off Road Limo Build

BBC Three Gassed Up Off-Road Limo Build


What Car: 2005 Custom Lincoln Millienium Stretched Limo

The Lowdown:

Back in early 2021, we were approached by the BBC to help build a couple of vehicles for a new BBC Three show called  Gassed Up hosted by MOBO award-winning rapper Mist. Naturally, we jumped at the chance.
The first of the vehicles was this Stretched Lincoln Limo that we converted into an apocalyptic off-road beast, ready to be pitted again Big Nasty in an epic off-road challenge. It was awesome to be part of the series, which airs Wed Feb 16th, 2022, if you are a petrol head you will love it.
The project started with us sourcing a vehicle for Mist and checking to see if the mechanicals were in good working order on the Zill that Big Nasty would be driving. Unfortunately, the first limo we looked at was not up to scratch but a very clean one came available and we snapped it up.

The plan:

Bodywork: New bull bar, drag bonnet scoop, rear spoiler, colour change
Mechanical: raise height, new mud plugger tires, straight pipes exiting our the front.
With the new vehicle at the shop, the BBC headed over to GBG HQ to do some filming along with Mist and Ryan. They chose the limo amongst a selection of cars we had put together as the off-road doomsday vehicle of choice.  We got a load of behind-the-scenes shots and footage on the day, and it was awesome to meet everyone.
With the car chosen we sketch up a design mockup and Rich and Mick set about creating an apocalyptic off-road limo. They started by fitting a bull bar on the front and a steel skid plate just in case Mist came across any zombies he could mow them down.
The massive drag scoop has now been fitted.
Rich has removed the very long original exhaust and fabricated a new straight pipe version that exits through the front bumper, for visual and audio effects. This sounds insane, check out our build videos to hear it.
With the exhaust done, we fitted the new off-road tyres to the wheels, these long with the suspension mods will give the limo the extra height needed to go off-road.
Rich & Mick have modified the arches to allow for the larger tyre size and have raised the rear suspension by fabricating metal cups for the rear airbags to sit on. We also fabricated a spring extension platform to raise the front up.
With all the mechanicals done it was ready to prep the limo and paint it in Mist’s colour scheme of black and Green. As the limo didn’t fit in the spray booth we had no option but to rattle can it in one of the garage bays, but only once everything had been covered over.
With the paint dry all that was left to do was apply the vinyl decals and the limo was shipped off to the BBC. Not before getting a few shots.
Gassed up is now available on I Player with the off-road episode (4) due to air on Wednesday, March 9th 9pm on BBC Three.
To see the final results of the limo build head over to the project here. Hope you enjoy the 5 episodes we have put together for the project these will launch on our youtube channel once the episode airs.

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