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Golf Cabriolet


What Car: 1982 MK1 VW Golf GL Cabriolet

The Lowdown:

The original Volkswagen Golf was a car that defined a generation and started the hatchback revolution. Launched in 1976 and designed to replace the iconic Beetle, the front wheel drive front engined, Golf couldn’t have been more different. The MkI Cabriolet was launched 3 years later in 1979, However, due to its popularity it ended up outlasting the hatchback on which it was based by a decade.


This particular model, the MK 1 Golf GL Cab is a fun yet usable and economical daily driving classic and for a classic can still be bought relatively cheaply. Also because of the MK 1 Golfs popularity there are tons of aftermarket parts available to customise and tune these classics. This is a major reason why Zara (Olly’s wife) has chosen this Golf for her latest project. Follow this blog as we restore and customise this classic cab.

The plan:

Bodywork: Remove paint, remove any corrosion, new panels, roll arches, remove trim, prep body and coat in original black coloured paint


Interior: New mohair roof, new door cards, carpet and seats reupholstered in black and grey check cloth


Wheels: BBS Style alloys


Mechanicals: Mechanical check, replace anything that is tiered and not working.




Brett has given the Golf a mechanical once over. He has replaced the alternator, belts, battery, distributor and leads. He has also replaced all the perished brake lines and changed all the fluids and oil.
The Golf is now over at the bodyshop, where the guys have started chopping out the rot and either treating the original metal with rust treatment or we have replaced it with new panels.
The guys have also welded up the trim holes as we are getting rid of all the chrome and trim to give the car a cleaner more modern look. A layer of filer was then added and rubbed down.
Apologies for the lack of photos here, this has been mainly down to the Covid -19 outbreak where Pete hasn’t been here to follow the project everyday.
The Golf has been rubbed down and wheeled into booth where Kyle has given it a coat of spray putty this was then rubbed down again.
With the Golfs Shell coated in spray putty it was rubbed down once more and then wheeled back into the spray both where it got a coating primer. Kyle and Al have started to rub this down. We noticed that the swage line on the new after market front wings don’t line up with original shells so they have had to fill it and sand it back in line with the original swage lines.
The wheel arches, sills and front and rear valance have been coated in black raptor to give them a hard wearing  protection.
The underside of the bonnet and boot lid have also been given a coating of black Raptor.
Olly has fitted the new adjustable coil overs and the new alloys, it’s definitely got that 80/90s vibe now.
There are plans to completely re do the interior with new door cards and carpets. Reupholster the seats and a new mohair roof. He here are a few before shots of the interior before it gets re done. To be honest the old interior is not too shabby for its age but it really could do with a bit of modernisation.
Apologies for the lack of updates on this project, the outbreak of Covid meant that it was difficult to cover the progress. The car has, however, now been painted in the chosen black colour scheme and the pannels have started to go back on along with the headlights. What do you guys think?
With the interior re done and the paint fully flat and polished it was time to hand Zara the keys but not until we did a full photo shoot, which can be seen here
Mk1 Golf convertable with the top down side on
Mk1 Golf convertable with the top down front quarter view

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