What Car: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Under the Bonnet:
350 Small Block



What we did:

This came in for an inspection and a strip down, the aim was to restore the vehicle as much as possible within the budget the customer had, this meant that only necessary items were to be changed and restored.

The first thing we found was the driver’s rocker panel, cowl, dashboard and doors had completely rotten through and we knew these would have to be replaced, any salvageable panels were kept, however, new ones were ordered from the US.

Once the panels had been installed the Camaro was prepped and painted in the original colour the car was when built.

In total there were 50 hours spent on flattening and polishing the paint.

All the wiring was checked to make sure it was fully working and it was tidied up and only what we thought was necessary was re-chromed.

The engine was given a full service and tuned.

Other than the top of the dashboard where it was rotten the interior wasn’t touched, but we don’t think that took anything away from the finished product and it was still super cool! So much so that Olly is wanting a Camaro now.

The worse bit:

When the car first came in and the door was opened, it would fall off its hinges, so anything was an improvement. Olly spent 30 hours just realigning the doors!

A further 30 hours was spent realigning the front wings and roof to make sure every gap was as perfect as the budget would allow. – Spending hours upon hours on a job when you don’t initially see a dramatic difference can make you want to scream!

Best Bit:

When the Convertible roof sealed – it only took 12 hours – Remember this car is 50 years old!

Main Mechanic:  Olly & Keith

Bodywork & Paint: Alex & Jay

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