Triumph Spitfire

Triumph Spitfire


What Car: 1979 Triumph Spitfire

Under the Bonnet: Currently it has no bonnet or engine!

The Lowdown:

After under going a full GBG body restoration 3 years ago, Clive the owner of this 1979 British Racing Green Triumph Spitfire now wanted to turn his attention to the engine bay as things had started to look a tad scruffy in there. After a chat with Olly a plan was drawn up for us to strip the front end back to bare metal, rust protect it and then coat it in British Racing Green coloured Raptor. This would make it not only look nice but also be more durable.

The plan:

Suspension: Springs and roll bars powder coated in black,
Bodywork: Engine bay and front half of the chassis sanded back and coated in British racing green coloured Raptor.
Detailing: New brake lines, new nuts and bolts, new electric wires.


Work started with us stripping the front end down and luckily the car arrived as seen in the first pic with the engine, gearbox and flip front end already removed by the owner Clive so there wasn’t too much to remove. Al then made a start stripping all the old paint off the chassis and shell. All the suspension parts will later be powder coated black.
With the worst of the rust removed Al fabricated and welded in some new sheet metal over a number of the holes left by rust. At one time in the cars life it had been a left hand drive that has been converted to right,  so Al also filled the holes on the left side of the Spitfire where the peddle assembly used to be mounted.
Next up we applied a rust treatment all over the areas that had been stripped back. The solution reacts with the bare metal and initially turns blue then fades to black.
Al then cleaned up and restored the brake components, you can see the before and after comparison shots below (restored on left unrestored on the right)
With the chassis and shell now restored and rust protected, Jay de Spray sprayed a layer of Epoxy before coating it in green Raptor, providing the surfaces with a protective barrier that can withstand the toughest situations. (Dam, i sound like a Raptor advert!)
We sent some of the suspension parts off to get powder coated in black for added protection. They are now back at the body shop and Al has started to put the Spitfire back together, starting with the brakes and suspension.
With all the brake lines and wiring in, it was time to hand the keys back to the owner Clive who was super stoked.
A thoroughly enjoyable project and just shows if your car doesn’t need a full restoration;  just a refresh in certain areas, book it in with us, we will treat it as if its one of our own, we love bringing cars back to and beyond their former glory.

Before and after shots


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