C63 Bonnet vent conversion

Custom C63 bonet vents


Some of you will have followed  Jasons C63 project that was the first to have our C63 wide rear arch kit fitted. Jason loved the work that we had done to his car and has been spreading the word in the C63 groups ever since (thanks dude). Well Jasons car has been back at the body shop to have some custom bonnet vents fitted to help finish off the look of the front end of the car.
We started off by using a C63 that we had already in the shop to create a masking tape template which we then transferred over to Jasons bonnet. We then drew around the vent inserts and created a paper template.
Al stuck the new paper templates onto the bonnet and measured to make sure everything was lined up perfectly, he then drew around the paper template directly onto the bonnet.
Al then carefully cut into the bonnet!
With both holes cut Al folded the edges over up to a line he had drawn with a 1cm offset. This would give the holes a nice finish when the plastic inserts were placed in.
Next up a small bit of filler was applied and rubbed back then the whole bonnet got a coating of spray filler and the whole bonnet was then rubbed down again.
To be continued…..

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