Porsche 991 GT3RS Upgrades and setup

Porsche 991 GT3RS

Silverstone handling pack conversion + Alignment and corner weighting

What Car: 2016 Porsche 991 GT3RS

Under the bonnet: 3996cc flat 6 engine 500ps

The Lowdown:

Porsche has been an icon of the racing/sport car scene for years now, developing their formula of rear-engined, flat-six, rear wheel drive cocktail for nearly 70 years now. This particular blend is one of their more recent renditions using modern tech and advanced engineering to create a true track monster while still paying homage to the original 911 layout.
The owner came to us wanting the Silverstone handling pack conversion fitted, which consists of the following; Replacement of the springs to new elibach ones, new billet camber/caster adjustable top mounts, new billet damper ratio altering spring cups, bump steer tie rod ends and rear camber shims. To complete the upgrades it also would need some settings dialed in, which includes 4 wheel alignment to new spec as well as corner weighting ensuring all corners are weighed correctly.

The plan:

Upgrades: Install new top mounts, new front springs, new ratio altering spring cups, new bump steer tie rod ends and new rear camber shims.
Setup changes: Corner weighting to be adjusted, more front camber, raise of the front ride height, 4 wheel laser allignement.
Out with the old, in with the new. Pictured; Old on the left, new on the right.
Upgrades installed, time to dial it in.
The 991 GT3RS has now been setup to specifications and meets the owners criteria.

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