Custom Mercedes C63 Estate project

Mercedes C63 Estate


What Car: 2013 Mercedes C63 Estate

The Lowdown:

This Mercedes C63 Estate is booked into the Bodyshop to have our custom wide rear arches fabricated, fitted and sprayed, as well as new vents fabricated into the bonnet, KW fully adjustable suspension fitted with new wheel and tyres.  The owner Chris had seen the wide arch conversion we had recently completed on a Steves grey C63 Estate and loved what we had done.
These kits are available to purchase on our shop here or if you are interested in us to convert your C63, get in touch here 

The plan:

Suspension: KW Fully adjustable suspension
Wheels: TBC
Bodywork: Custom fabricated wide rear arches, Custom bonnet vents, modified front bumper.
Firstly Al has cut the inner arch back to create clearance for the new wider alloys that have been bought for the car. He then sanded back some of the paint on the wing to allow the panel bond to adhere to the bare metal.
Next he applied a bead of panel bond and drilled and screwed the new arch extension to the wing.
A layer of fiberglass was applied over where the arch kit meets the existing panels and this was then sanded back flush and smooth.
With the arches on the Merc headed across the yard to the garage to have the fully adjustable KW Variant 3 Suspension fitted to give us the ability to fully dial in the ride height to prevent any rubbing and to improve handling.
Next up a layer of spray filler was applied to the body.
While kyle was doing this, Al started on the bonnet vent mod. He started by using our pre-existing template to mark out the position of the bonnet vents and then cut them out and folded the metal back. A thin layer of fiberglass was then added and sanded back to ensure the vent inserts fit flush. A layer of spray filler was then applied to the bonnet too.
With the car out of the spray booth, the swage lines were then masked up and the car was sanded up to the tape, making sure all the lines aligned correctly.
The primer on the bonnet was also sanded back.
The shell and panels have been given a further coating of black primer and have been rubbed down.
The shell and panels have now been sprayed and it’s looking great.
Al has flat and polished everything and we are getting pretty close now to finishing the project.
To finish things off Kyle has subtly smoked the rear lights and front badge.
The bonnet vents are now in and a few of you asking to see the underside of the bonnet. We use genuine Mercedes Engine hood brackets to finish the look off.
All we are waiting for now are the new wheels, once they arrive this will then allow us to finish setting up the gio on the suspension and steering, road test, then a finished shoot to complete the project and do the final reveal
With the new wheels on, balanced and gio setup to spec, the project is marked complete.

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